Leave a Legacy

We all want to be remembered, to feel that we’ve contributed something to the world. For some, this can be a driving force leading to great accomplishments and extraordinary contributions to mankind. But for most of us with more modest goals, what pushes us is the desire to leave a legacy.

Your legacy is putting your stamp on the future. It’s a way to make some meaning of your existence: “Yes, world of the future, I was here. Here’s my contribution, here’s why I hope my life mattered.” If you are interested in the arts, in education, in ensuring Limerick continues to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, vibrant theatre, then maybe you might consider leaving a small legacy to the Lime Tree Theatre to mark all those wonderful evenings you enjoyed here.

Your name will be remembered by the theatre, either on a seat or on a special sign in the foyer, that’s completely up to you. Whatever you choose, your legacy will be remembered as long as theatre and the performing arts flourish in Limerick.

For more details, contact Louise Donlon on (061) 953400, ext 7.