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Updated: October 11th, 2018

The Richard Harris International Film Festival presents

The Furnace

Directed by Academy Award Nominee Darrell Roodt

Written by Darrell Roodt & P.G. de Jonge

Starring: Jamie Bernadette, Luthuli Dlamini, Thandi Puren, Laura Linn & Armand Aucamp

Cast & Crew of feature film and short will be in attendance


Belltable | Fri, 26th Oct | 8pm | €8


When a car accident strips a runner of both her husband’s life and the use of a lung, only one thing can restore her faith: Run. In Africa.

The fit and fierce Mary Harris could not have been happier, marrying her running partner, Matt. Until a truck hits their car. A year later, Mary is all but incapacitated by both the loss of her husband, and the use of one lung. Forced to wheel around an oxygen cylinder, Mary no longer feels the joy that running once brought her.

A grave digger, named Coffin (a nickname easier to say than his African name), notices the haunted, angry woman. He shares with her the story of his own loss, and his qualification as a doctor. Mary agrees to let this wise gravedigger train her, despite her stubborn outlook.

The Furnace is the extraordinary story of just what it takes to heal yourself, and restore your faith. For Mary, it’s an ultra-marathon through the harsh African bushveld.

Preceded by Short Film


Written by & Directed by Vincent Lambe
Starring: Ely Solan as Jon, Leon Hughes as Robert, Tara Breathnach as Susan Venables & Will O’Connell as Detective Dale
Two ten year-old boys are detained by police under suspicion of abducting and murdering a toddler. A true story based on interview transcripts and records from the James Bulger case which shocked the world in 1993. Detainment touches a subject that is deeply rooted in the British consciousness – one of fear, despair so horrific that many people shy away from absorbing any more facts about the case. It focuses on the interview transcripts of the ten year-old suspects, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who became the youngest convicted murderers of the twentieth century. While the film is a dramatisation, it is entirely fact-based with no embellishments whatsoever.
This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the case and the universal grief and anger that it provoked is still very much evident today. Many people firmly believe the boys to be inherently evil. It is, of course, easier to label them “evil” than to try to understand the unfathomable mystery of human behaviour and how two 10 year-old boys could commit such an unspeakable crime.
In this unflinching docu-drama, based firmly on interview transcripts and records, we see Jon and Robert, for the first time ever, not as “monsters”, but exactly as they were – two ten year-old boys who have committed a horrendous crime and they don’t know why. Detainment is a powerful true story which divides public opinion and sparks an important debate, resonating long after the closing credits have rolled.

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